Friday, October 01, 2010

SHAttering Jobs! iPod4, AppleTV 2G, SHAtterd, Jailbroken and In Your Face.

#iPod4, #AppleTV 2G, #SHAtterd
With a brand new exploit called SHAtter, iPod Touch 4G and other newer Job's iDevices are getting rooted, according to a post by iPhone Dev-Team. The effort was developped by @pod2g after @posixninja of the Chronic dev-team discovered the crash/exploit

While waiting for wild strawberries to grow, iPhone dev-team inserted @pod2g's exploit into a beta PwnageTool which lead to an iPod touch 4G taking, slurping a custom IPSW, They have got a video to show the customized Preferences to show battery percentage, Cydia, root shell.
But I want to show another video, also from the gang, tricking an AppleTV 2G! with that, AppleTV 2G gets a bunch of new Apps!
Ya it has SHAttered the AppleTV 2G!

IPhone Dev-Team


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