Friday, October 01, 2010

AGItate, Asterisk AGI On Tropo

#AGItate, Asterisk AGI On #Tropo
Jason  Goeke infromed us today us about the Tropo AGItate via a Tweet today. I have been reading a bit here and there about it but today it really hit me.
Asterisk AGI, Asterisk Gateway Interface is an interface for adding functionality to Asterisk with many different programming languages. Perl, PHP, C, Pascal, Bourne Shell or what ever you chose.
Tropo make it very simple to VoIP, Messaging or collaboration application using web and communication technologies together with Tropo cloud API with Tropo scripting to take your application to the cloud.
Now that Tropo supports Asterisk AGI, now you can make Asterisk applications that can span the cloud, as far or wide as your heart or the app requires. Just like the cloud PBX, OpenVoice.
From a blog post that Jason made today, key features of AGItate are;
  • Tropo can now speak AGI over TCP to any FastAGI server, including Adhearsion, PHPAGI, Asterisk-Java, etc.
  • A long list of Asterisk commands are supported, and of course all the Tropo ones.
  • While the script is written in Ruby, no Ruby knowledge is necessary to use it. Just point your Tropo application to the Ruby script on Github, upload a configuration file via FTP or WebDAV to your Tropo account, and you are ready.
  • Full support of Tropo Speech-Synthesis (TTS) and Speech-Recognition (ASR), but also for Asterisk sound files. Yes, tt-monkeys works!
  • Fail over to a SIP URI, in case your FastAGI server does not respond. This could be to another Tropo application, another Asterisk box, or anything that supports SIP.
  • You get all of the Tropo channels over AGI, including SMS, Instant Messaging and Twitter, all using the same application.
  • Support for custom SIP Headers in and out of Tropo.
Beyond using AGI to write an entire cloud communications application, Jason tells us that we can also seamlessly integrate Tropo services into existing Asterisk systems using the interface you already know, SIP.
If you want to hear a Tropo AGItate ‘hello world’, give it a ring:
  • Phone/SMS: (408) 641-4410
  • Skype: +990009369991456829
  • SIP:
  • Jabber/XMPP:
Tropo AGI


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