Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Is Google driving These Days

#GoogleCar, #Self-Driving_prius
Google recently hinted about the intelligent cars at Techcrunch Disrupt recently. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said(entirely different from what we wanted to hear)
It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers, Your car should drive itself. It just makes sense.”
As you can see from the photo above and the video (link at the bottom) they were driving Prius' that use ;
"video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to “see” other traffic, as well as detailed maps (which we collect using manually driven vehicles) to navigate the road ahead. This is all made possible by Google’s data centers, which can process the enormous amounts of information gathered by our cars when mapping their terrain. "
So when Google says;
So we have developed technology for cars that can drive themselves. Our automated cars, manned by trained operators, just drove from our Mountain View campus to our Santa Monica office and on to Hollywood Boulevard. They’ve driven down Lombard Street, crossed the Golden Gate bridge, navigated the Pacific Coast Highway, and even made it all the way around Lake Tahoe. All in all, our self-driving cars have logged over 140,000 miles. We think this is a first in robotics research.
We believe. But I have a four wheel drive manual stick vehicle. By now the car has automated me. I do not even know when I switch gears.
Google self driving car captured on video.


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