Sunday, October 10, 2010

HTC HD7 Schubert T-Mobile Photos,

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While tmonews has got hold of the above photos of what seems like a T-Mobile branded HTC HD7 (HTC M$ Patent Payback) windows phone 7 based phone, pocketnews telling us O2 UK has a page dedicated to the device and via a leaked HTC HD7 ROM, they say O2 UK will get HTC HD7, or Schubert. Pocketnews also confimes with the knowledged gained from the same ROM, HTC's insistence of No Sense In HD7 to be true.
Engadget is telling us that the T-Mobile HTC HD7 will be costing $199 and they will confirm the specs tomorrow, when the phone is released.
But then why wait; we know already what HTC HD7 is. Then again AT&T might remove parts from the phone, so watch out.
In anycase, that is one phone I will not bother beyond specs.

pocketnews tmonews via engadget


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