Friday, October 08, 2010

“the world doesn’t need another platform (Windows Phone 7).” Android chief Andy Rubin

#Android chief Andy Rubin
“Android is free and open; I think the only reason you create another platform is for political reasons,” were the words of Andy Rubin, the Android chief! He was speaking to PC Magazine regarding the Android and the mobile market in general.
But Microsoft's Steve Balmer say no! "“It’s not like Android’s free, Android has a patent fee You do have to license patents.” a few days ago and sighted HTC / Microsoft agreement (“Microsoft Corp. and HTC Corp. have signed a patent agreement that provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for HTC’s mobile phones running the Android mobile platform” ) as an example. Microsoft is also trying to set another example with Motorola, Microsoft is suing Motorola over Android Phones. The major difference, HTC is making windows phone and Motorola does not, at least until next year.
Like Techcrunch, we too think Ballmer is playing politics and hoping to scare OEM's into Windows 7 phone platform (I wish they would come with a shorter more appealing name for this BSOD)

Rubin went on to say why Google and Android is different from restricted phones like iphone and does not make sense windows 7 phone systems. He concluded the interview with;

"The back end part of that, the services that the actual cloud offers, Google has been in that business since day zero. Search was the first thing, and then Gmail, and YouTube, and Google Talk and everything else. So those cloud-enabled services actually give the device a better experience because the cloud is doing the heavy lifting. The cloud is humming away with unlimited bandwidth, acting on your behalf"
PC Magazine


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