Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Voice RSS Reader From TringMe Gives Speaking Blogs
TringMe and Speaking Blogs, the VoicePHP page by Tringme has a bit of code that helps you to make your blog speak out, via phone to the reader err.. listener. Or lets you listen to blogs that have implemented the feature. It will be a nice experience to catch some of my RSS feeds while I code etc, also it will also be a break from listening to the music while I do the same.
The code on the site is a simple implementation of an Voice RSS Reader.
Here are the key steps of this application:

  • Specify the URL for the RSS feeds you are interested in.
  • Ask the user to select a feed by pressing the appropriate keys on the keypad
  • Fetch the RSS feeds using a helper function
  • Speak the title of the feeds and if user is interested, the description of that feed
There is an example running at the site for you to check out!


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