Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Visual DIalPlan 2.2 Released With Support For Asterisk 1.6

Visual Dialplan 2.2 was released last month but I somehow missed the release notes. Visual Dialplan for Asterisk greatly reduces the manual work you need to do in Asterisk dial plan development.
The Application comes a component library and is the best modeling environment I have seen so far. To design a dialplan, you simply drag and drop components as needed. It also comes with dial plan samples, validation engine and one click deployment!
In addition to Asterisk, it supports FreePBX, trixbox, PIAF and Elastix. With the Asterisk server, the application learns about Asterisk server configuration and pre-populates library components with configuration data and validates the dial plan based on that information.
Visual Dialplan 2.2 supports the latest Asterisk 1.6 distribution. Also provided with the application is the dialplan upgrade functionality which makes dialplan upgrades to mach your server a breeze. Just select which Asterisk server version you want to upgrade the dialplan to and Visual Dialplan will take care of the rest. In case if you need to manually upgrde your dialplans due to deprecated or abandoned components, Visual Dialplan is thre to help you by suggesting the new component you should use to replace the abandoned one.
Best of all, you can get your hands wet by downloading a trial version of Visual Dialplan from here .


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