Saturday, January 17, 2009

iPod Touch 2G Jailbroken!

iPhone Dev Team
iPod Touch 2G has been Jailbroken by iPhone dev team. iPod Touch 2G was a tough egg to boil as you can see, it is quite edible now.
Yjey also mention that the procedure to boil the egg (jailbreak iPod Toch 2G) is far too cumbursome for us regular folks. But the good news is that once they got the taste, they will never stop and pretty soon we will have easily jailbreakable iPod Touch 2G. They unearthed this during yellowsnow research! (They also not giving us a hard fast ETA for the iPod Jilbreak but knowing them, It will be around the bent soon). Man no wonder Steve Jobs has health problems!
They had the following update on the Dev Team blog; regarding the the broadcast they were planing!

Update 3: It looks like we’ll do the Qik broadcast on Saturday afternoon (California time). It’ll be announced through MuscleNerd’s twitter. Unfortunately the Qik chatroom seems unmanageable, with no way to control the nicknames being used. So we’ll avoid it altogether — nobody on the Qik chat claiming to be us is actually us, so please don’t be fooled.


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