Friday, January 09, 2009

iPhone File Explorer For Windows, iPhoneList

I have been looking around for a application to handle photos on iPhone, when I came across this. iPhoneList is a functional GUI for the iPhone file system on Windows. The developer mentioned that it is based on Manzana, Peter Dennis Bartok's C# class-library implementation of work done by the #iphone-dev jailbreak and iphoneinterface teams.

Currently working Features as listed by the developer:


  • Added full iPhoneLinks (Favorites menu) with ability to add new links - they are stored in Prefs.
  • Cleaned up prefs storage
  • Fixed File / Exit


  • iPhoneList now looks for iTunesMobileDevice.dll - you don't need to copy it.
  • Office 2003-like toolbars
  • Copy to deivce fixed
  • Configurable file / folder recognition
  • Performance improvements
  • Added the foundations for "Favorites"
  • User Preferences saved and reloaded
  • REALLY CLOSE to decoding binary plists

Current working Features: (v0.5.0 - r12)

  • Drop Files / Folders onto iPhone
  • Create Folders on iPhone
  • Delete files / folders from iPhone
  • Copy files / folders from iPhone to PC
If you are a developer, you can join the CmputrAce at the Google Code project page or just like me just want to download the application without having to get the run around given by some web sites.
I will be writing a bit more about iPhone utilities in the future.


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