Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Google Maps For Mobile Takes You To Businesses Easily Now.

Server side change in Google Maps for Mobile has made it easier to find business', restaurants and other establishments a breeze to find.
Mobile map tried to find an address associated with if you entered a business name like starbucks in the example above. But now with the new change, Google Maps for mobile will locate establishments with the search term you entered, could be starbucks or peets, depending on where you and and your taste.
If you are using Google Maps on your BlackBerry, Nokia S60, T-Mobile G1, iPhone (I do), or other smartphone, you are good to go, as this is a server side change.
If you do not have google maps for mobile (mobile maps, sounds better), please try it by pointing your mobile browser at google.com/gmm.
Now no reason to get lost and ask for directions!
Official Google Mobile Blog: Getting directions to businesses now easier on Google Maps for mobile

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