Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Build A House With Verizon VoIP Bricks.
No sooner than I read Tom Keatings article on Verizon dropping the VoiceWing Like a hot brick, Ata Brick Hmm VoIP brick, Andy Abramson pointed to me to a new VoIP device called Verizon Hub.
This is actually a device that integrates landline and wireless cell services. They are integrating VoIP to this device but no femtocell like recently misannounced AT&T Microcell device.
That itself ring a bell to say that this might be another brick!
So this brick, by the way of an article on DSLReports, going to cost you some money because according to Verizon, this is "a dynamic move sure to rattle devotees of plain old home phones." The price tag may have something to say about that -- particularly during a tight economic downturn. The device will cost $199 after a $50 rebate, require a two year contract -- and will require a $34.99 Verizon Hub and Digital Voice service plan. The device launches Februay 1, and we'll be sure to post user impressions.
Save your money! Or ask to exchange for earlier VoIP Bricks.


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