Monday, January 05, 2009

Some Of The Best VoIP Bloggers!
Ted Wallingford’s Blog, Signal to Noise has published his favorite and who he thinks to be the top VoIP Bloggers, "My Favorite VoIP & Telecom Blogs for 2008"
Very impressive as I found eight of them to be my all time favorites, not just 2008! But the other two, whom I did not know before, seem to be of equal caliber. I will be reading and learning! Thanks Ted, thanks VoIP Bloggers!!.
Here is the list of culprits;
Andy Abramson, Darla Mack, Alec Saunders, Om Malik, Ken Camp and Sheryl Breuker, Esme Vos, Phone Boy, Jeff Pulver, Martin Geddes


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