Wednesday, January 28, 2009

APP Store Comparison, Apple vs BlackBerry vs Nokia vs Android Shootout
TechRadar did a App store shootout about a month ago. With All the App Stores currently running to keep their clients coming back. and staying, do wonders to the stores. But according to the author, the race is a two horse race.
iPhone (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Android Market) easily being ahead of the other two major stores, Nokia (Nokia Download) and Blackberry (blackberry Application Center).
The Apple app store seem to be doing well and that is where we spend most of the time. (We just got the iPhone 2.2.1 update and seem do do good to the phone, iPhone 3G). Few days ago, I visited Android Market with a Google Phone (Android Developer Device) and seem to be pretty busy with a lot of very good free mobile applications.
I have seen both the Nokia and BlackBerry stores but have not spent much time as the former two. So the article on techradar was a good read. So go find out how the other app stores doing!


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