Thursday, October 02, 2008

Skype Sells You To China With TOM-SKYPE!

Contrary to the statements by Skype, the great telephony provider has screwed some users, specially Chinese users, (not only people from China) according to this report. Skype snubbed users before and I am sure continue to do so in the back ground. I doubt it is only the chat messages. What else Skype?
According to the report published

"Our analysis suggests that the surveillance is not solely keyword-driven. Many of the captured messages contain words that are too common for extensive logging, suggesting that there may be criteria, such as specific usernames, that determine whether messages are captured by the system."

So the BS about certain keyword monitoring and dropping the messages will not work here. Did you also record the voice as well skype?
In addition to the above, here are some more major findings;

• The full text chat messages of TOM-Skype users, along with Skype users who have
communicated with TOM-Skype users, are regularly scanned for sensitive keywords, and
if present, the resulting data are uploaded and stored on servers in China.

• These text messages, along with millions of records containing personal information, are
stored on insecure publicly-accessible web servers together with the encryption key required to
decrypt the data.

• The captured messages contain specific keywords relating to sensitive political topics such
as Taiwan independence, the Falun Gong, and political opposition to the Communist Party
of China.

But if these are alarming you, you can remove skype, uninstall skype or even if you decided to remain a user, how not to be a supernode could be found on this site. We have been telling these for last three years!

But according to a report here, China might even change wikipeidia! Well what people do for a buck.
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