Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mobilkom Joins Fring To Provide Moblie VoIP And More

Telekom Austria's mobile arm, Mobilkom, who provides A1 over IP service product, has partnered with Fring, to provide what they called first ever mobile VoIP and Social services by tier one network operator. As the news published here and from experience, we know that Fring is going places but this is another good if not strategic move as it proves to mobile network providers, that there are other players than Skype. Skype has already partnered with Three network that is present in the country.

Initially, Mobilkom's A1 Over IP service will be integrated with fring's SIP service. Mobilkom Austria will provide a custom mobile fring client to its customers opening up fring’s entire open-platform, feature-rich suite of internet based mobile communications & community services, enabling users to talk, chat and interact with each other & all of their online communities, and access fun mobile web applications, using the internet connection capability of their mobile device.
"Avi Shechter, fring’s co-founder and CEO commented: “Today’s announcement by fring and its new partner, mobilkom Austria, represents just the beginning of a sea change in the relationship between mobile VoIP and traditional mobile carriers.

Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, CMO mobilkom austria and CMO Telekom Austria TA said: “Internet services and mobile communications will increasingly grow together in the future. We were very early to adopt the international SIP standard. Through the partnership with fring we can demonstrate today how the two worlds will merge in the future." "


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