Thursday, October 16, 2008

Android Kill Switch
I already told that I will not buy T-Mobile G1, and now there might be another reason not to go for the little devil. Like the iPhone kill switch, which Apple unceremoniously and sneeringly embedded into iPhone, Android is also said to be carrying a such switch.
But the main difference is that Google is stating fact ahead, even before the firs Android phone hit the shelves. But I am concerned about having someones hands on my testes. Be it Google or anyone else.
According to an statement on the Android Market, somewhat equivalent of Apple's App Store, ""Google may discover a product that violates the developer distribution agreement ... in such an instance, Google retains the right to remotely remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion.""
Are they talking about spambots or malicious applications that created to harm users, I do not know.
Another bonus about the Android Market is that you can return any application that you bought within 24 hours! I think that is a plus! How about the same treatment on App Store, Apple?


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