Monday, June 18, 2007

ATandT provides $10 month DSL

READ ATT as AT and T,
If you are a new broadband customer, you can get DSL service for $10 a month. Don't goto ATT site looking for it. You have to visit
Even then it is hard to find! ;). Click on home DSL services, and then scroll down until you find the "Term contract plans available" in red. Clicking on that will bring the info as to how one could get this service.
Or perhaps call ATT and ask for it.
$10 price could attract price-sensitive customers. ATT will not promote it very heavily, though. "It's a regulatory requirement they will meet to the letter and not promote any more than they're required," according to an article on Tennessean. I found out about this on a slashdot article.
ATT also has been lowering prices in a bid to compete with cable companies, which have their own deals. Comcast in Nashville has been nabbing customers away from ATT with its phone service delivered via a broadband Internet connection. Comcast's basic Internet service in Nashville is up to 6 megabits per second for $42.95 a month for cable TV customers. But it has been pushing a "triple play" deal within the past year, allowing customers to buy all three services — TV, Internet and phone — and pay $33 per month for each new service they add.


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