Friday, October 17, 2014

iPhone 6, Is Better, Sleeker, Faster And If You Fancy, Bigger.

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 was a dilemma for me and even considered permanently moving to Android world for my personal phone. (I do use Android variants in my work). Absence of Steve Jobs and bigger phones with brittle glass, sapphire or not and many other odds and ends lead to my dilemma.
But after watching various videos, reading reviews and feeling both the bigger and standard size phones in my hand, I am willing to upgrade my iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, the smaller, standard version. I can let go the bigger version as I have the 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to stretch and strain my fingers.

Of all the reviews that helped me, one stands out and follow the link at the end to read the iPhone 6 review by Techradar, which is a 11 page spread. Forget about that biased feeling and get through the article as you learn a lot about the phone. Their conclusion at the end was;
"Apple has leapt forward with the iPhone 6 - one of the best phones it's ever created."due to great design, better battery and even though subtle, the keyboard.

iPhone 6 design has brought out a thin light and round curved edge (a departure from the sharp edges of iPhone 5) to give us a sleek phone that feel comfortable iPhone 6. I do feel it to be a bit slippery but I hope get used to it as I hate bulky protective cases.
There are plastic strips interrupting the sleek metal case at the top and bottom that distracts the flow but they are there for a reason, radio signals. The power button has moved from top to the top right hand side. Another difference one will notice is the protrusion of the camera from the back, guess the lenses could not be made thinner. The screen is 1334 x 750 and still not full HD. Overall screen is fine for the task but I would like to note that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a better screen. Camera is still the same 8MP sensor but has done a lot in the software to make the camera even better than that of the iPhone 5. Video has entered new era with reaching 60FPS and 240FPS for slo-mo movies.

Battery, the other most important factor for any phone, has left us wanting more with iPhone 6. Even though seem to be better than iPhone 5 and better according to Apple literature, it is far behind the competitors, Samsung and HTC. With lesser screen resolution and improved A8 processor, I expected the battery to carry me through the day without a power bank in my bag.

Well it is time to visit and read the review on Techradar.


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