Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FCC Begins To Pave A Pathway For Internet Video The Same Rights As Cable!

FCC Helping to cut Cable Blues!
After announcing it's intent to allow Over The Top (OTT) video providers, to access traditional programming,  FCC chairman Tom Wheeler going ahead with the program that could give Internet video companies the same rights as traditional cable operators.

"Today the FCC takes the first step to open access to cable programs as well as local television.  The result should be to give consumers more alternatives from which to choose so they can buy the programs they want." said the Chairman Wheeler.

Citing Satellite and later telephone companies benefiting from the Congress mandated access to cable channels for satellite services in 1992, driving the competition benefiting the consumers.

"The mantra “Competition, Competition, Competition” fits perfectly with consumers’ desires for video choices.  That’s why I’m asking my fellow Commissioners to update video competition rules so our rules won’t act as a barrier to this kind of innovation.  Specifically, I am asking the Commission to start a rulemaking proceeding in which we would modernize our interpretation of the term “multichannel video programming distributor” (MVPD) so that it is technology-neutral.  The result of this technical adjustment will be to give MVPDs that use the Internet (or any other method of transmission) the same access to programming owned by cable operators and the same ability to negotiate to carry broadcast TV stations that Congress gave to satellite systems in order to ensure competitive video markets."

You can find the Chairman Wheeler's post here.


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