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Free SIP Account Providers 2014

Free SIP Providers 2014

 IPTEL, the place where the original SER SIP server was born.The SER was later forked and OpenSIPS and Kamalio (OpensSER) was born. But the SER and OperSER later joined hands again to make the codebase for SER a single entity. We are a bit biased towards IPTEL, because RavenII first dipped his hands in to SIP part of the VoIP IP Telephony with a SER server. In addition to SER, the SIP Express Router, and Free SIP Accounts, IPTEL provides the base SIP Express Media Server and the SIP Express Router Web. The IPTEL site also provides a wealth of information on Sip communication. The free SIP account the IPTEL.ORG provides is of good quality and very easy to register. You can get an account here and follow up to this page to learn how to setup you phone, VoIP client etc to use the free SIP account.


 GetOnSIP provides means to conduct audio and video calls in your browser, with absolutely nothing to download. The communications are peer-to-peer (secure). You can Invite people to join you with your instant call link. Since GetOnSIP is compatible with all open-source mobile VoIP (SIP) applications, one can use most SIP applications on your smartphone and make/take calls from anywhere. It also works with downloadable softphone applications on your desktop or notebook. OnSIP suggest Counterpath's Bria and the free Jitsi project for softphone applications..
Your SIP address could also be used on your home or office phone for free voice and video via SIP and they say that the  Free SIP address you receive will work with any SIP-based desk phone.Follow this link for an address.

In addition if you are a developer planing to use WebRTC in your app to send and receive voice, video, IM, and/or data, you will be able to use the developer services provided by the Junction Networks. You will be able leverage the geographically scaled OnSIP Network with SIP.JS API, a simple, proven API provided by Junction Networks, to take your app to new heights.

Since we welcomed EKIGA in 2013, they have benn providing us with a good service and our favorite Linux based SIP application, which you may also know as GnomeMeeting. After almost 3 years of hiatus, Ekiga has released the Ekiga 4.0, bringing in much improvements to the app and to the service. It is a VoIP, IP Telephony, and Video Conferencing application that allows communicating with remote users with SIP or H.323 compatible hardware and software. Ekiga app also provides a searchable address book,  Echo test number, Call back test number, public conference room, peering and the ability to create your own public or private conference room. Go register your free Ekiga Account here.

ANTISIP continues to provide very stable free SIP service among other things. antiSIP is a complete SIP service house with multiple services. They also provide clients, SDKs and toolkits which are optimized for NAT traversal (ICE), security (TLS and SRTP) and many other advanced extensions and call control scenarios like supervision, call transfer, call pickup etc. The setting up of the accounts are simple and you on your way to SIP universe, once signed up. Sign up for free account here and explore their other services here.

The next in the list of Free SIP Providers is SIP2SIP, and has been a regular on all our lists. SIP2SIP is a part of which is in turn is powered by AG Projects. AG Projects and and i-p-tel GMBH continue to provide free and paid telephony, internet services to the masses. You can register for SIP2SIP here.

PBXes provides other services and support for telephony world. In addition to SIP, they also support codecs like G711, G726, iLBC, Speex, GSM, H263 Video, G722 HD Voice, G729 Passthru.  Except for the last two, all others are also a part of Free Account. So if you are testing multiple Codecs, this is the place to go. They also have reasonable paid services and their operations mimic traditional PBX. Register for a free SIP account here.
So I guess this is it for 2014 and we will look forward to add delete services as the come to be. Thank you for using us to find your free SIP account from these Free SIP Providers.


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