Monday, July 07, 2008

iCall On iPhone, The VoIP App You Get From Apple App Store!

iCall, a free VoIP phone service provider is getting ready to deliver VoIP application for iPhone over the Apple's own delivery system for iPhone applications, App Store.
The application is developed using the Apple iPhone Developer Kit and does not use any undocumented API calls like the old jailbroken iPhone applications did.
iCall is a registered Apple Developer.
I have seen the iCall application for PC and I think it is very well designed. Also the iPhone application that you can see below in the video, is no different. According to the site, the application will be availble directly to your iPhone via the App Store.

Here a preview of the iCall application for the iPhone, the video shows receiving a phone on your regular cell number, while connected to a free wi-fi service, and switching the call to VoIP (free) seamlessly. Neat.
iCall infrmation is here.


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