Saturday, July 05, 2008

Google Talk voicemail? What Do You Do With It?

Sometimes you need to get in touch with your friend or friends but invariably they may have walked out from the desk or very busy (palying one of those games) and do not want to be disturbed. So chat is off but all is not lost if you have the googletalk client. You can leave a leave a voicemail!
Google Talk allows you to leave a voicemail for any of your contacts, whether they're signed in to Google Talk or not. Your meesage can last up to 10 minutes, and your friend willl be able to retrieve the message from their email account at any time. You can even send a message straight to their voicemail without first ringing them.To leave a message, call a contact and let it ring - voicemail will pick up after 4 rings. Or, click the down arrow from any profile card or chat window to access the options menu and select Send voicemail.


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