Thursday, July 31, 2008

CafeSIP, Where Java And SIP Come Together, Test Your SIP Here.

The hosts a number of open-source SIP projects. These cover the areas of SIP server framework, SIP applications and SIP test tools. The idea is to provide free and open-source products for users and organizations developing or offering SIP applications and products.

Following three projects are in the works at CafeSIP and each provide unique but inter connected products and services and according to the site;

  1. Jiplet is a framework for developing SIP server-side applications using the Java programming language. It provides a container for hosting "SIP servlets". In concept, it is very similar to a Java Servlet (web application). Instead of using the HTTP protocol, a jiplet supports the SIP protocol. The Jiplet container can be run as a standalone application or it can be run as a service inside a J2EE container. The Jiplet Container has been tested extensively with the JBOSS.
  2. SipUnit is a unit testing tool for SIP server-side applications. It extends the JUNIT framework ( which is a popular tool for testing Java applications. Using SipUnit, one can develop test programs that simulate a SIP User Agent (a SIP phone). It provides a low-level as well as high-level API for communicating with a SIP server.
  3. SipExchange is a soft switch application. It supports many features offered by a small switch including subscriber registration, call handling, call routing, etc. It is built at the top of the Jiplet framework and JBOSS J2EE server. It is extensible and in future, new features will be added to provide capabilities such as multi-media contact center, unified messaging, etc.
  4. Common Projects: Consists of a set of common components used by multiple CafeSip projects. They are designed to be used by outside projects as well.

CafeSIP has announced the public release of SipUnit r0.0.7b. This is a Beta release to give users a working system to evaluate and test. Feedback from the development community is encouraged for further enhancing the system.

So far I have tested / used the SIPUnit and if that is any indication, others also must rock. I certainly will be looking into creating Jiplets to host some of our SIP ideas.

So I invite all those who are ready to get hands dirty with coding and compiling pay visit to the project site.

CafeSIP Project home page.


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