Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reset A Crashing iPhone 6 Plus With RED/BLUE Screens Of Death.

Bricked iPhone 6 Plus

Restore / Rescue, Red Screen of Death iPhone 6 Plus with iTunes And The Latest iOS.

If you one of those unLUCKY people who got an iPhone 6 Plus which crashes with red screen of death, unresponsive buttons, or simply what we call a bad apple, here are the steps you can take to restore the iPhone 6 Plus so you can take a backup and take it over to those genius' handle it. I'd just return it for a regular iPhone 6, if I were you. Anyway Nexus 6 looks even more inviting now.

First of all you need to pull that cable out of the box (Sad that such a new phone crashing!) and connect it to you computer which has iTunes installed. It would also be better if you make sure that it is the latest version of iTunes.
Open your iTunes and do not worry if your phone does not show up on iTunes for now.

Now you need to rest your iPhone 6 Plus by holding the Wake/Sleep key and the Home button simultaneously, while still being connected to your computer via the USB cable. Wait for about 10 seconds, till the Apple logo to appear but do not let go any of the keys/buttons yet. Continue holding both the keys for about 3 -4 seconds more and let the Wake/Sleep key go, while still holding the Home Button. This will take you in to DFU mode, and wait until iTunes detect the phone.
In the iTunes window, accept prompt "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it could be used with iTunes." by clicking OK button. Then again click on the Restore button. Follow on screen prompts to erase and restore your phone to the latest available iOS.
iTunes will go into work, downloading new iOS, and reflashing your phone with it. This will take sometime so be patient.
Ones this step is complete, you can setup the phone as a new phone or restore from a backup you have. If you are still getting these hiccups, even after following the above steps, it is time you make a trip to Apple Store or where ever your authorized dealer is and ask for a replacement or just your money back! Tim Cook has more money than you!


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