Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Android L (Android 5.0) Aka Lollipop Makes Your Phone, Tablet More Secure!

#AndroidL (Android 5.0) Aka  #Lollipop

Android L or Lolipop or Android 5.0, what ever the name you would like to call it, will bring a new life to your phone, tablet or other compatible devices. Whatever the destination, Lollipop brings a whole lot of improvements, enhancements and security to your device.
For an start, Google calls Lollipop as "the largest Android release yet."  and the truth is the latest version of Android OS  brings with it more than 5,000 new APIs. The developers have a much wider field the explore and create.

Of all the goodies Android 5.0 brings, some are more impressive, a sleek new user interface, cross platform support and improved performance via the new ART runtime engine. The Lollipop is also said to bring better battery life, improved notifications, OpenGL ES 3.1 and 64-bit support, among other features. Android 5.0 is bringing us a redesigned User Interface, with a new name, Material Design. Material Design is filled chock full of animations and layered elements to deliver a positive user experience. The new interface is designed to run on all supported devices,  from your smartphone and tablet to your laptop and also your Google TV. The Material Design supports elevation values, real-time shadows and lighting that gives a smoother 3D appearance overall.

Security is a big feature of Lollipop and all Lollipop enabled devices will have the encryption turned on by default. This will help to protect devices data from being accessed on lost or stolen devices or by eavesdroppers. Using Guest mode one can create multiple user accounts on the device allowing others to log in on your device, and at the same time preventing others from accessing your private data. For an extra layer of security, add the Android Smart Lock, which makes it easier to unlock your phone without having to constantly enter a pin or trace a pattern, making ones life easier. The new smart lock secures ones trusty device by pairing it with another trusted device you own, like Android smartwatch, Android powered car, or your own facial expressions, yes mick Jagger impression might work, if your tongue is long enough. Once the device recognizes a trusted, paird device, it could be unlocked, just by a simple tap.
Another layer of security to the OS is provided by the enforced the SELinux security module for all apps providing better protection against vulnerabilities.
Pair all those with “Factory Reset Protection” which requires a password before a phone can be reset. You can call it by another name if you want!, a “kill-switch”. This new function will prevent thieves and intruders from making use of stolen phones.

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