Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Aka BlackBerry London Series Reviewed

BlackBerry Z10
We are back in 2013 and I am going to start with an old favorite, RIM and Blackberry, the dethroned Kings of smartphones.
Even though RIM is yet to reveal the phone BlackBerry Z10 (slated to be revealed on January 30th alogside Blackberry 10 RIM OS) someone has beaten RIM and published all the details of the BlaclBerry Z10 (BlackBerry London) by Austrian telecom website '
BlackBerry Z10 is the touchscreen version of the new slated releases (other being BlackBerry X10 with qwerty keyboard for old BlackBerryans). The phone is powered by dual core OMAP 4470 clocked at 1.5GHz ans 2GB of RAM, with the new BB10 OS taking about 600MB. Storage space is 16GB which could be expanded with an addon microSD card.
The screen real estate is 4.2 inch plate with 1280 X 768 resolution, short od being full HD but the battery, 2100mAh is said to carry one through the day without charging the BlackBerry Z10. The phone measures 129 X 65 X 8 mm and weigh 125g.
The Z10 sports dual cameras. The front facingg one is 1.9MP and the real camera is an 8MP, and from the video taken by Telekom-presse said to be a proof that it is comparable to iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920. The sample video is below;

 The review by Telekom-presse has much more info leading us to believe that RIM has managed to come up with a decent phone, including Siri like voice control. We will have to wait for January 30th to officially see the details and if RIM has something that Telekom-presse did not see.
via Telekom-Presse


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