Friday, July 08, 2011

Photojojo, Mount Your Canon, Nikon Lenses On Your iPhone!

Photojojo SLR Lens Mount For iPhone

I have been taking a lot of photos with my iPhone, even when I carry my Canon 7D around. (Mostly for geotagging as 7D does not have GPS capability)
But now the news from Photojojo makes me think, do I really need the 7D. Photojojo's iPhone SLR mount allows you to attach a variety of photo lenses – telephoto, wide angle, macro lenses to the iPhone. and the case has hinges to use you camera strap so you can wear it like a tourist.
At first glance, I thought this is an over kill but I am sure there will be many who will love the case, like those directors, who made a movie with an iPhone, Night Fishing!
Photojojo via Engadget


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