Friday, July 01, 2011

Nortel Patents Goes To A Consortium, Google Dissapointed!

Nortel Patents Auction
Looks like there is no end to patent news today and here is another. Last night, Nortel picked a winner for their 6000 patents, it is a consortium of players who stand to benefit from the patents not going to Google. Google was expecting to win the portfolio.
The consortium consists of Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Sony, and others, and they must really be happy to have spent %4.5 billion.
They will have to wait for the courts to clear the purchase and Apple and Microsoft in the mix will ensure a lengthy review.
Of course Google is disappointed and rightly so. Google initiated to bidding for Nortel patents early on and was met with objections from, most members of the consortium.

“This outcome is disappointing for anyone who believes that open innovation benefits users and promotes creativity and competition. We will keep working to reduce the current flood of patent litigation that hurts both innovators and consumers,” Kent Walker, Google’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel said in a statement.


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