Monday, July 11, 2011

GetJar To Apple, Stuff Your Bullying In A Jam Jar!

Apple a Bully and we won't take it
Apple among other stuff trying carve a niche, a huge niche, for itself. Bullying and suing people Big and small.
Apple wants App store for itself and want Amazon not to use the term :) and recently sent a cease and desist letter to GetJar to stop using App Store in it's service name, GetJar App Store, an Android Application store.
May be next will be all the bloggers, news sites, and services like WIP asking not to use the term App Store. I do not like bullies, I wish I could clobber the bully, like I did with High school bullies.
But it is not only me, GetJar CEO Patrick Mork had a few words to Apple too. With all the pancreatic jokes aside, seriously written lengthy article on Getjar Blog explains the legalese and timeline regarding why Getjar will not be listening to Apple's threats. It is a good article, if you are interested, like these #OFAM people, The Open And Free App Movement
Getjar blog via Androidguys


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