Thursday, June 23, 2011

Priority Call Filter For Android, Will Keep Your Mom Near And The Rest Away!

Priority Call Filter For Android,
If you have ever got calls at wrong time, woken you up from a well deserved slumber, you know the feeling, "Who the %&*^&*& calling me at this time?" May be like I do, turn the phone off when I really want to sleep, only to miss a call from my Mom, who lives on another continent. So what do we do?
People with Android phones have a solution, Priority Call Filter For Android, will save your day. You can select any number of your contacts to ring or text through you off time, like, you can setup so that your Mom or Boss will always will ring through and your pesky cousin will be able reach you only during your free times. Calls are not sent directly to voicemail. They just behave like normal calls but only silenced.
I like the app and think it is well worth the $1.
Disclaimer, we have no affiliations to the app nor the maker of the app.

Android Market via Gizmodo


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