Thursday, June 23, 2011

Major Asterisk SCF Build System Changes Introduced.

Asterisk SCF Build System
Yesterday Kevin Fleming, Digium's Director of Software Technologies, posted to Mailing list that he has introduced some major changes to the build system.
Asterisk SCF (Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework) was introduced to the Asterisk community at the Astricon 2010

"On Monday afternoon I merged a significant set of improvements to the Asterisk SCF build system, and along with that there were a number of changes in each of the component repositories to take advantage of the improvements. This message documents the new features (and caveats) of this improved build system:"
There is a long list of the improvements and changes, if you have not subscribed to the mailing list, follow the link below to read the post in it's entirety.
Asterisk SCF Dev


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