Sunday, June 12, 2011

LodSys Goes On Patent Rampage, Sues Ten More Companies, Including Adidas And Best Buy.

LodSys Goes On Patent Rampage
LodSys have added ten more companies to the list of little App developers and the large companies like HP, Samsung and Motorola Mobility. The difference is they are suing two companies that is seeking  declaratory judgment action against LodSys through case filed by ForeSee Results in Chicago.
As usual the lawsuits are filled in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas and the ten companies are
Adidas, Best Buy, Best Western, CVS Caremark, Sam's Club, Black & Decker, The Container Store, The Teaching Company,, and Vitamin Shoppe.

The assertions are;

  1.    adidas America Inc.: "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  2.    Best Buy (BBY Solutions, Inc.): "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  3.    Best Western International, Inc.: "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  4.    CVS Caremark Corporation: "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  5.    Sam's Club (Sam's West, Inc.): "feedback soliciting FAQs on" ('078 patent)
  6.    Black & Decker (Stanley, Black & Decker, Inc.): "feedback soliciting FAQs on" ('078 patent) and "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  7.   The Container Store, Inc.: "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  8.   The Teaching Company, LLC: "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  9., LLC: "surveys on" ('908 patent)
  10.  Vitamin Shoppe, Inc.: "live interactive chat on" ('078 patent) and "surveys on" ('908 patent)
So now there are 27 companies going against LodSys, including those little App Developers. I think there will be more and it is heating up.
I also like to see some action in the front created by Macrosolve, the other Patent
FOSS Patents again have amassed the information regarding these lawsuits and could be found in this post. You will find many related documents as well as Mueller's analysis.


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