Friday, June 10, 2011

GMail Is The New Twitter Client, Thanks To Rapportive

GMail  Twitter Client,
If deep iOS5 integration of Twitter left you awed, this bit of news should at least make you say Huh!. Now at lease Twitter can expect to have similar number of users (200 Million) from GMail, if everyone realize the value of Rapportive. Yes! If you are a GMail user, and of course tweets, now you can do both from your GMail account, I meant emailing and tweeting. This is all thanks to Rapportive plugin for GMail.
Rapportive plugin previously let you see the tweets of people who emailed you, but the change they added today makes a big difference making it very useful. You can now reply to people via Twitter, and retweet others tweets as well, right from Gmail.
It also allows you to follow someone when they sent you an email, provided that you are not following them already. When Twitter informs you of a new follower via email, now you can see the persons recent tweets and allows you to reply directly, without having to fire up a separate Twitter client.
If you are not a Rapportive user, you can make this a good excuse to do so and if you are already a Rapportive user, you will soon be updated and if you can't wait, you can force the plugin to be updated,  by visiting
You can install the plugin and get more information at Rupportive! Happy Tweeting


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