Wednesday, June 01, 2011

DroidDreamLight, New Malware In The Android Market.

Droiddream Droiddreamlight

Developers of DroidDream that wrecked havoc in the Android Market two months ago is back, with a new moniker, DrodDreamLight and a whole bunch of new Android Apps.The DroidDreamLight moniker was assigned by Lookout Mobile Security team and the software is a stripped down version of the good old DroidDream, thus the DDLight or DroidDreamLight. These apps, listed below, send details (including IMEI and IMSI info) about the  infected handset to a remote server upon receiving a call. The code is also able to download and cue new package installations, if user approves to do so
Similar to last time, a developer who noticed his app being repackaged and distributed on the market, notified the Lookout team and they went hunting with the same code they used in March to detect the Apps with malicious code and they found a quite a few.
Google has taken all the apps offline as they investigate. So you know the drill, if you have any of these apps on your phone or tablet, get rid of them. You can contact Lookout team at and we can assist you in removing them.
Lookout Blog

The list of infected applications (by developer name) includes:
Magic Photo Studio
  • Sexy Girls: Hot Japanese
  • Sexy Legs
  • HOT Girls 4
  • Beauty Breasts
  • Sex Sound
  • Sex Sound: Japanese
  • HOT Girls 1
  • HOT Girls 2
  • HOT Girls 3
Mango Studio
  • Floating Image Free
  • System Monitor
  • Super StopWatch and Timer
  • System Info Manager
E.T. Tean
  • Call End Vibrate
  • Quick Photo Grid
  • Delete Contacts
  • Quick Uninstaller
  • Contact Master
  • Brightness Settings
  • Volume Manager
  • Super Photo Enhance
  • Super Color Flashlight
  • Paint Master
  • Quick Cleaner
  • Super App Manager
  • Quick SMS Backup

  • Tetris
  • Bubble Buster Free
  • Quick History Eraser
  • Super Compass and Leveler
  • Go FallDown !
  • Solitaire Free
  • Scientific Calculator
  • TenDrip


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