Friday, March 04, 2011

Which Data Plan For iPAD2? Which Carrier? AT&T Or Verizon?

Which Data Plan For iPAD2?

Yes with the new iPad 2 emergence, there are many more questions than before, when the original iPad came out. People just decided to 3G or not and the memory capacity they wanted and those who decided on 3G signed up with AT&T and made the carrier rule their lives for next two years!.

But now the playing field is different now. There are two carriers with different data plans, multitude of memory options. As far as connection to the net goes, people with iPhone or Android phones that can tether and then there are MiFi devices with 3G, 4G connectivity and pay as you go plans are good options as well. So connectivity becomes a major issues with iPad 2.

Aside from bogus coverage maps that are overlaid with non 3G coverage, you need to check the coverage, again, properly, if you are a travelling type. Then there is 3G and There is 3G, meaning all 3Gs are not the same. Right now, AT&T 3G (when available) seems to be faster than Verizon's.
The maps that show coverage, AT&T map does not clearly show 3G coverage, it is lumped up with EDGE as data coverage, But Verizon is a bit more clear. So you might be paying for 3G and getting EDGEd by AT&T. At that point the speed difference between the two carriers become a non issue.

The data plan contracts are also different now. Both the carriers are trying not to choke you with standard two year contracts and offering month to month plans. Then again, AT&T offers postpaid and prepaid plans where Verizon is not.
Either case you and turn the data plan on and off but the two versions of iPad 2's are not interchangeable, as far as I know and if you chose one carrier, you got to stay with that carrier.

AT&T postpaid and prepaid plans seem to be a bit complicat
ed, Post paid customers will pay $10 per addition 1GB data they use over the limit and Prepaid 2G customers will have to pay $25 for extra 2G data, meaning you will be billed $25, the moment you jump over your alloted limit. Prepaid 250MB customers! No idea AT&T is not clear about it, here is the link.

In that sense, AT&T rates might not be as cheap (are they?) as they appear. And sign up for higher rate, if you planing to do more than occasionally checking email, or and browsing.
As far as the range of possibilities, Verizon gives you 1. 3, 5 and even 10GB options. But 10GB on AT&T is only $65 where Verizon charges $80.

So you really need to calculate your data usage, and with lowest pla
n of both the carriers seem to be expensive but Verizon at least give you 1GB of data. So if you are aiming for the lowest data usage, Verizon is a better choice.
If you are on AT&T follow this link to learn how to use iPhone Micro SIM with iPad 3G.

So here is a chart put on by Macworld, Make your decision right. Happy iPadding.


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