Thursday, March 31, 2011

Verizon Overcharges 133000 Customers With A Phantom $7 LateFee In Florida, Texas and California

Verizon Overcharges 133000 Customers
Verizon customers in Florida, Texas and California, 133000 of them, were over billed by the company because of an operator error.
 An operator or someone of of same capability from North Carolina billing center programmed the computers with wrong instructions to bill customers with a phantom late fee of $7 or 1.5 percent of most users' bills (whichever was greater). This brought in closer to a million dollars from state of Florida alone.

Someone in a Durham, N.C., billing center entered the wrong instructions into a computer that generated the bills for customers in Florida, California and Texas, said Bob Elek, a Verizon spokesman. Verizon says customers should get a credit for the fee on one of their next two bills.
 Last October Verizon agreed to pay closer to $90 million in refunds for unauthorized $1.99 data charge billed to customers.
It pays to check your bills regularly.
St. Petersburg Times, via DSLreports


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