Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iPhone5 Rumors Keep Adding, NFC, A5 Processor And So On

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I guess untill Apple comes out with a definitive answer regarding the iPhone 5, there will be more rumors.The latest comes fro China Times and according to them the device is in production state and has an improved antenna and a metal case or chassis and will be ready to launch in third quarter of 2011.
There is also information about NFC (Near Field Communication) chip to be coupled with an e-wallet service allowing users to leave their wallets behind. Like in Japan where most of the monitory transactions like buying a railway or bus ticket, a cup of coffee or many other stuff offered in vending machines are done with ones phone. The Google Nexus S and Google Nexus S 4G already has the NFC chips embedded so it is only natural that iPhone keeps up! :)
In addition to the antenna correction (remember the antennagate) the iPhone 5 screen will also have more real estate with an 4" screen instead of 3.5 inch that they have now.
Next improvement comes from the processor and will have tha same processor as the iPad 2, a dual core A5 processor.
The China Times als speaks of an Apple manufacturing plant in Brazil, dedicated to producing Apple product which plans to begin production in 2013.
China Times (Translated)


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