Monday, February 14, 2011

Partical Physics On Android, With Renderscript API And Honeycomb

Partical Physics On Android,
I just finished reading a fine article on Android Developer blog. It is about Renderscript API that I did not know about before. I thought perhaps it is because I do not deal with high performance graphic functions or 3D functions. But thanks to the article I realized it is more than high res graphics. The Renderscript API has been used in the creation of  visually-rich YouTube and Books apps for android and all those beautiful wallpapers coming with honeycomb tablets use it as well.
So I better check the API out as I could use it for an vertical market healthcare app that we are upgrading for new tablets could use it as we are adding 3D anatomical images to the app, since larger screens came about. But as I read along the article, the first part of two part article this made me even more interested in the Renderscript API;

Simple scripts will be able to run on the GPU as compute workloads when capable hardware is available. More complex scripts will run on the CPU(s). The CPU also serves as a fallback to ensure that scripts are always able to run even if a suitable GPU or other accelerator is not present. This is intended to be transparent to the developer. In general, simpler scripts will be able to run in more places in the future. For now we simply leverage the CPU resources and distribute the work across as many CPUs as are present in the device.

There is more interesting information and you can find the link to the article
Android Developers Blog: Introducing Renderscript


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