Friday, October 15, 2010

Samsung Transform Gives You Sprint ID And Emoticon Button.

#Samsung #Transform  reviewed
Engadget seem not too happy with the Samsung Transform, the Android 2.1 based Sprint Phone. An upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) later.
The Samsung Transform carried the Samsung Epic 4G styling plus a front facing camera, a LED flash and some tweaks. But the performance and the newly introduced Sprint Annoyances makes sure that it stays below the line of high end phones.

The engadget review carries one through the pros and cons of hardware, software, things like Sprint ID which seem to be the deal breaker;
Sprint ID installs a custom button on the home screen (you can see it immediately above) which lets you swap between sponsored packs of applications, settings, wallpapers and widgets. While this was pitched to us as a reasonably compelling idea that would help newcomers to find some of the best Android has to offer, and let power users like us switch between multiple profiles on the go, that's not how it worked out in our tests. First off, the more Sprint ID packs we installed, the slower our phone got, because the system doesn't actually shut down apps from profiles not in use -- it just hides them from view while they continue to run in the background. Second, Sprint ID doesn't necessarily install and set up everything it suggests to the user, as certain packs will just dump a bunch of shortcuts on the screen, which lead you right back to the Android Market to install the app for yourself. Also, and this may be obvious, but don't expect companies to sponsor packages that give you paid apps for free -- the Games by EA pack, for instance, includes demo versions of Tetris and Scrabble, but it's primarily designed to advertise product for you to purchase later on.
But looks like there is a way  one can speed up the phone, if you own one or got it because of the QWERTY keyboard with emoticon button, follow the link below to find how.


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