Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HTC Desire HD Is It All That What It Meant TO Be?

HTC Desire HD Reviewed
After reading the review by engadget, the feelings are mixed. Yes it carries a whole lot of goodness but the battery life and the design quirks make it hard to make my phone. I am looking forward to a good phone so I can replace the soon to expire iPhone contract. I hope it will not be an iPhone 4, even though we already have a few Droids among us.
The HTC desire HD presents Android Froyo on a 4.3 inch screen running new version od HTC Sense and hiding the second generation snapdragon, 1GHz QSD8255 chip, with Adreno 205 for graphics powering the phone. 768MB of RAM supports Android Froyo to shoe some magic. While empowering the phone with features like above, HTC missed out on providing a proper battery to carry the load, the 1230mAH fail! Engadged says it the best

"Leaving the house with a fully juiced Desire HD at 11AM, we got to enjoy some very light browsing at the airport, a 30-minute round of Angry Birds while in the air, a few pictures taken en route to the hotel, and then some WiFi-based web exploration at our resting place before the battery gave up on us in the evening."
I think you should read the lengthy but very well done review, if you are thinking of getting your hands on the HTC Desire HD.


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