Sunday, October 03, 2010

East Enders Get T-Mobile G2 Early. Nah, West Enders Too.

#T-MobilrG2 T-Mobile G2
T-Mobile G2, HSPA+ phone, seem to be the talk today. After Radio Shack decided to give people in the East, the T-Mobile G2, days before the release date T-Mobile it self decided to release it in the West cost too. According to engadget, California, Oregon and Washington store are carrying the phone and you could buy today. The stores that do no sell today, will sell them tomorrow!
But if you are running out to buy the phone make sure you have tight T-Mobile G2 hinges and all of promised 4GB memory. Rumors say the phone can't do upside down acrobatics and some phones came with 2GB memory instead of 4GB, just like the HTC Desire Z.



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