Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cisco Brings First Cisco TelePresence Room In Lima, Peru. Saves Environment And Saves Money

#Cisco Inaugurate First Cisco #TelePresence Room In Lima, Peru.
Cisco launched it's first TelePresence Room in Peru last week bringing spatial audio, life-size ultra-high-definition video and interactive elements to provide a face-to-face meeting experience live through the network.
"In order to thrive in the current economy, it is necessary to collaborate with colleagues and customers worldwide in a timely way while also improving the quality of our relationships. The Cisco TelePresence solution facilitates collaboration to conduct business more effectively and enables benefits in productivity, travel reduction and savings." voiced Alvaro Merino-Reyna, general manager, Cisco Peru and Andean Region
The TelePresence room located in Cisco premises in Lima, Peru will set pace for many technological advancements to reach Peru. Currently what this means to Peruvians is;

    * Through Cisco TelePresence technology, face-to-face meetings can be held without the need for traveling. Just making a simple call facilitates collaboration, productivity and decision making.
    * The Cisco TelePresence solution comprises 65-inch plasma screens at 1080p resolution providing the participants with life-size video images of session participants. Three high-resolution cameras in each room show details of facial expressions and gestures on the other side of the "virtual table" in important meetings and negotiations.
    * Cisco TelePresence has a high-quality spatial audio system and multiple inputs and outputs, all of which allow more realistic conversations.  
    * Participants in a Cisco TelePresence session have access to the ability to record high-quality video, use collaboration applications such as Cisco WebExTM during each meeting, and gather for special events.
    * Participants can meet in up to 48 Cisco TelePresence rooms at the same time.
    * Existing systems of standard-definition video conferencing can be easily integrated with Cisco TelePresence solutions.
The system will bring benefits such as;
    * Since the deployment of the first Cisco TelePresence rooms at Cisco headquarters, company employees have scheduled more than 711,836 meetings by this means, which have also greatly improved productivity and the executives' quality of life.
    * The use of TelePresence rooms at Cisco has saved more than 231,000 metric tons of contaminating emissions in employee travel.
    * To date, Cisco has also saved $628 million in travel expenses


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