Friday, May 15, 2009

VNC For iPhone From MochaSoft

VNC for iPhone
Mocha VNC for iPhone lets you connect to a VNC Server running on a remote machine. If you were wondering what VNC is;
It is a console/screen sharing system that lets you remotely log into and use other machines over the Internet, and intranets. You basically control the remote machine with your mouse and keyboard while watching the remote screen on your display. I have been using VNC to manage servers all my life and it is a usual part of my utilities that I install on any machine.
Using your Mocha VNC for iPhone, you can connect to a Windows PC or Mac OS X and use it as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a smaller screen.
The app has following features;
- Standard VNC protocol with encrypted password signon
- 8 and 32 bit color modes
- Local Mouse support
- Zoom and scroll as the Safari browser
- Landscape mode
- Can handle 20 different Host configurations
- Has been tested with RealVNC, TightVNC, UltrVNC on Windows, and Apple Remote Management, which is included with the Mac OS X.
- A screen resolution larger than 2000x2000, as to memory and speed, is not recommended.
There are two versions of the App, the free version and the paid version. With the paid version you will have;
- Another cool key board
- Extra keys as ALT,CTRL, Option and Apple key
- Mouse Support
- Text macro support
- Ctrl+alt+del key. Needed if using Win 200x as a VNC Server

Mocha VNC Lite (APP Store)
Mocha VNC (APP Store)


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