Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DimDim Sheds Beta Tag And Gives Free Conferencing!
Actually they have been live for some time now but DimDim web conferencing solution has removed the beta tag, and revealed it's source code to millions of open source developers in the world at the same time. I have followed DimDim from it's early days at Sourceforge.
Unlike DimDim's competitors, it does not require you to install any software on your desktop. The only tools are your existing browser and an INTERNET connection.
The current version, DimDim 4.5 utilizes SynchroLive feature to assure all the conference members are kept in sync. Another attractive feature is the shared browsing assisted by SynchroLive as well. This allows one to share his or her web browsing with conference members. This shared browsing extends to videos as well.
If you are developer, or high tech geek, you can also get the community edition witch is released under GPL. Dimdim Open Source Community Edition v4.5 “Liberty” is meant for use in non-critical environments. It has the most of the features of Dimdim Enterprise and is based on open source streaming and media components. Dimdim Enterprise is based on commercial streaming and media components (Adobe Flash Server) and runs on top of our SynchroLive Communication Platform to ensure robust scalability and reliability and is fully supported and certified by Dimdim, Inc. The Open source community supports the Open Source Community Edition.
But DimDim offers free accounts that could host up to 20 users at time and if you desire more, the unlimited version is offered at $99 per year.


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