Wednesday, December 03, 2008

T-Mobile Data Cap May Return To Your G1 and Other Phones!
I have no idea why but it is always closer to doom when we read and talk about T-Mobile and the G1. Remember public outcry when T-Mobile had 1GB cap on unlimited data plans. T-Mobile back paddled but now again seem to be floating forward in the stream through some unconfirmed reports.
Android community is reporting that data cap is coming back but it is said to be 10GB. I hope they will not call this unlimited!
This time the G1 cap seem to expand to all the T-Mobile phones with internet access. With all that G1 always connected to the internet business, (May be they are doing it to find out if you are using VoIP, Mobile VoIP on the G1)
I really hope someone sensible releases an Android, So I can say The True Android is Coming Soon


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