Thursday, December 18, 2008

iPhone Loves Wi-Fi, So Does Android! Mobile Metrics
AdMob, a neighborhood mobile Ad Agency has released their monthly "Admob Mobile Metrics Report (PDF)" and I spent a quite a some time, studying the report.
Among many other metrics, this month Metrics report is also focusing on Wi-Fi based web access by mobile devices, from iPhone to BlackBerrys.
It is very interesting to notice that iPhone users accessing web via Wi-Fi, are on the rise in US and other markets as well. But in the US, it is pretty evident that, AT&T coverage sucks and / or we are blanketed with wireless networks!. The first fact was known since I had the Cingular (Now AT&T) account, when I had the urge to slam my phone to a concrete wall. That changed when I switched to another network. But from the reports I read, AT&T still need to do some work on their 3G network.
Getting back to the report, In the US iPhone rings very high in the mobile devices that access the web as seen in the following table. But worldwide, Nokia still has something close to 49% while iPhone has 20% of that market. RIM devices also garner larger percentage of the market.
But what is amazing is the growth of Android (Google Phone) based T-Mobile G1, which is actually a HTC Dream. The lone Android in the market, has generated 15 Million web requsts to AdMob servers and already takes 7% of the all T-Mobile traffic and represents 2% all smartphone traffic in the US. This is very promising to Android as it is just got in to the market and many people not going for it yet due to various reasons (Why I don't want a T-Mobile G1) and the fact that many Androids will soon enter the market might entice more people to aquire an Android. It will be interesting to keep an eye on AdMob reports.


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