Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thuraya Satellite Phones / Modems Are Lighter and Smarter.

Japan Digicom offers satellite phone services for use in places where regular telephones cannot be used, such as on the ocean and in the air. The company offers IRIDIUM, INMARSAT and THURAYA services mainly to customers in the broadcasting industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The company is placing particular emphasis on THURAYA, the newest satellite phone service, which is being show cased at its booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2008.
Japan Digicom has introduced Thuraya's high-speed communications, wrapped in a smaller and lighter handheld units than we have been so far. The THURAYA Module, with dimensions of 72mm (H) x 52mm (W) x 9.5mm (D), and 60g in weight, providing a compact communication units previously unheard of in the industry.
This module can be embedded in communication equipment like car navigation systems, container tracking systems and OEM satellite phones. So these allows new pathways for these systems to be used as backup systems for conventional phone systems and real-time tracking of cargo containers.
But another notabla feature is that the cost of satellite phone services that used to very expensive, could be had through THURAYA for a fixed rate package of about 300,000 yen per month (about US $2857).

THURAYA product line includes the THURAYA DSL satellite modem, the new THURAYA IP modem, the SG 2520/SO 2510 Series satellite phone units (see image and the video below), the SEAGULL 5000 satellite phone for marine use and the TrailBlazer satellite-based tracking system.
The THURAYA IP modem supports high-speed 444kbps data communications and streaming communications at a maximum of 256kbps. SG/SO Series mobile phone units are not much different from conventional cellular mobile phone and be carried arround the same way.

THURAYA Satellite Phones


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