Friday, October 24, 2008

Puzzllotto, iPhone Game That May Gives You Upto $30000.

Mobile Games
United Lemur (Think Mike Lee) has released Puzzllotto to iPhone App Store. The game costs $4.99 and 10% of the App Store income will go to support Madagascar Fauna Group. Now that the nasty statistics are away, let's look at the fun part.
Puzzllotto on your iPhone transports you to what is supposed to be eighth continent, inviting exploration and discovery. The game is said to be in the same puzzle caliber such as those games like Zork and Myst. A friendly lemur might help you and, those what looks to be light emitting giant butterflies may light your path in this dark green Forrest. The wily Fosa! is something that you are supposed to look out for! You will make your way through the beautifully rendered jungle while listening to the multi layered sound scape, recorded on location in Madagascar, to find those secrets and to solve the puzzle. If you do, you will be able to win up to $30,000.

Official rules are available at, but the promotion basically breaks down like this:

  • Puzzllotto will appear on the App Store on Wednesday, October 22. The Puzzllotto Prize starts as a trophy, a metaphorical empty cup.
  • Each day at noon (Pacific Time), the company will announce via Twitter ( whether the puzzle has been solved.
  • If the puzzle has not been solved, the jackpot will increase by $1,000.
  • This promotion will run for 31 days, with the maximum jackpot being $30,000.
  • If nobody wins the $30,000 jackpot after 24 hours, it will be donated to charity.


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