Monday, October 27, 2008

iSkoot For Skype On Android Does Not Work
Everyone seem to be trying iSkoot on Android and seem to be failing. But I wonder if these peole know the dirty little secret that I published on Why I Will Not Get A T-Mobile Android! (No VoIP On It);
"When I talked to Cole Brodman, the CTO of T-Mobile, after the event about what would stop something like Skype from designing a program that could run on the phone, negating the need for a massive voice plan, he said he had "worked with Google" to make sure Android couldn't run VOIP. "We want to be open in a way that consumers can rely on," is the way Brodman put it to me."
Among us we have two mobile devices that uses iSkoot and one of them are my Blackberry and we have no complain.
Andy over at VoIP Watch has written an account on trying to get iSkoot working on Android. The reason that he was unsuccessful, could have something to do with the above statement by CTO of T-Mobile


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