Monday, July 28, 2008

Rulling On Comcast By FCC Expected This Week

The ruling, will not include a fine, but will require Comcast to stop blocking or slowing traffic to peer-to-peer sites like BitTorrent. Comcast will also be required to explain to consumers and the commission how it has blocked such traffic in the past, and publicly disclose how it plans to manage its network in the future.
Wall Street Journal thinks, "The FCC decision is likely to be challenged in court; if upheld, it would affirm the agency's right to play online cop and make sure Internet providers don't interfere with online traffic. FCC officials have grown more concerned about the issue as consumers watch more online videos, which take up growing chunks of bandwidth."
Infact I would love to have a online cop, like I love to have those cops that we see everyday on the streets.


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